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Building on Success Midway Through 2023: NewCo Capital Group

"We've seen worse and we've done very well, we're going to continue to exceed expectations across the board."

Assertively positioned midway through 2023, NewCo Capital Group ("NewCo"), a premier figure in the Working Capital provision within the Alternative Financing arena, is primed to establish new heights of success. Despite the residual challenges of the pandemic, NewCo has showcased an exceptional capacity to navigate the oscillating economic landscape, unyieldingly maintaining its commitment to support an array of small to medium-sized businesses across the SMB economy.

Guided by the strategic leadership of CEO Albert Gahfi, NewCo has solidified its role as a crucial player in the Alternative Financing and Merchant Cash Advance space. Its pioneering approach, centered on purchasing future receivables from SMBs, has enabled NewCo to infuse capital into businesses grappling with the current economic intricacies. Albert Gahfi reflects on the resilience of NewCo, saying, "Our success is a testament to the tenacity of our team, the efficacy of our product, and the fidelity to our mission. NewCo has showcased record-setting capital deployment to small businesses across the broader economy in the first half of 2023. Our robust balance sheet and unique market position have set the stage for NewCo to swiftly adapt to the dynamic post-pandemic marketplace. Our confidence is steadfast for the remainder of 2023."

NewCo's achievements aren't confined to its fundamental role in funding small businesses. It has spearheaded the evolution of inventive solutions within the underwriting process. Incorporating proprietary technology, paired with the seasoned judgment of professionals who bring more than a decade's worth of data knowledge, NewCo has refined the process, delivering greater efficiency in meeting and deploying capital to small businesses as per their financial requirements. This sophisticated blend of technology and human expertise ensures a more nuanced understanding of each business's unique needs, thereby tailoring financial solutions with precision and insight.


Crediting the company's triumphs, CFO Y. David Feit's discerning financial strategies and cash management were instrumental, especially during the pandemic's early phases. Having served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Executive Office of the President at the White House, David has exceptional foresight in responding to complex economic environments. "We're focused on explosive growth while being mindful of the economic landscape. We've seen worse and we've done very well, we're going to continue to exceed expectations across the board."

NewCo Capital Group has proved its resilience in a turbulent economy, coupled with a powerful executive team, a distinct competitive edge, and a devoted commitment to fostering the success of small businesses, NewCo Capital Group is entering the second half of 2023 full of confidence and enthusiasm. The company is favorably positioned to extend its exceptional services to small businesses and to maintain its leadership in the Merchant Cash Advance and Alternative Financing space.

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